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Business Cards - Foil Print.

A huge range of card types are available, including many unusual effects designed to stand out
from the crowd and provide you with an eye-catching, personalised & unique business card style.
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Foil printed cards are produced using a metal printing plate, onto which your card image is etched
The set up cost of producing this plate is £25 + VAT
This is a one-off charge as the printing plates are kept for a minimum of 2 years in order to print your
subsequent orders. Plates are re-used for your orders assuming that you do not require any alterations.
Prices shown are for a single colour print (including metallic gold, silver etc.) on one side of the card.
Please note: VAT is to be added to these prices.
100 Cards £24
200 @ £31  -  250 @ £37  -  500 @ £57  -  1000 @ £83
Suitable Card Types Include:
400g Ultra White - 350g Satin Smooth White - 300g Conqueror White & Cream
Concept - Stardream - Gloss - Metallic - Pearl - Magic
Special Offer:
For orders of 1000+ cards the Printing Plate is Free
Add an additional foil colour or print any single colour on the reverse of your cards:
 100 cards + £9.25  -  200 cards + £13.50  -  250 cards + £15.50  -  500 cards + £26  -  1000 cards + £47
In addition to the above we also offer various Special Effect card types
Please click here for prices & further details 
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